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We specialize in custom log and conventional homes. Our log openings set the bar for excellence. Our techniques and choice of tools customize the log openings to blend in with the log and accent the room. Blending log and conventional frame aspects in a home can be a truly 3D experience. We do it like no other. Our work is show cased in multi-million dollar homes.

We excel in custom frame homes as well. We make allowances for custom trims, tiles, flooring, and a full range of specialty electrical appliances and built ins.

Every company is only as good as the skills of the crew and the dedication of the management. This company comes with decades of experience in the construction trades. Being "owner operated" the skills and dedication come in one package. The skills we bring to the job site are:

Electrical wiring techniques that set the bar of excellence. We custom engineer your total electrical system using load calculations to verify proper operation when power is applied.

Low voltage skills for home networking, satellite systems, built in speaker systems, specialized phone systems, intercom, smoke detection. We are an authorized Leviton installer for low voltage integrated systems. This solution brings all your low voltage connections to a central location to enhance future change capabilities.

We do all the dirt work for underground services such as power, water, propane and phone and sewer. We can level the lot and dig the footings. We can dig and set your home septic system. Driveways and culverts are laid out to your specifications. In New Mexico we also run the water line from the meter to the house.

Years of wood work experience more than prepares us for the needs and understanding of the finish product. Making the log openings and wood trims look great have come to be our trade mark in the custom home industry.
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