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Dirt Works

We offer services for all your dirt work needs. This includes trenching and setting meter poles. We dig footings, build driveways and set culverts. We can work in soft sand as well as in solid rock.

We have specialized in mid sized excavator and skid steer equipment. These mid sized units have made us very popular in lots with buildings and trees. They are far more maneuverable and cause less damage to plant life. This advantage has not deterred their ability to get the job done. These are serious mules and do everything asked of them. The hammer hoe works solid rock the same as some bigger units.

A fourteen foot dump trailer enables us to complete smaller jobs with the hauling in and out of material.


Finishing up approximately ten miles of badly needed gravel road maintenance.

What we do:

  • Set meter poles
  • Set power pedestals
  • Set RV pedestals 
  • Installing power conduit
  • Trenching
  • Install utilities on your property
  • Install culverts and gravel driveways
  • Clear lots and remove trees and rock
  • Rough landscaping
  • Clear your property lines with GPS coordinates
  • Install septic systems
  • Road maintenance
  • We even do snow clearing from your roads and driveways
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