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Alternate Power Sources

We can get you pricing and configurations from our generator sources or we can work with the system that you provide.

There are many ways to do this. We find the way that is right for your situation.

Visit this link for more information on generator systems.


Systems design and consulting by AES Design.


Featuring Clint Sadler with AES Design.

System design consulting by AES, LLC - Free site evaluations and estimates!


Find-out how you can reduce or eliminate your electric bill today!

Estimates are highly detailed and show sizing information. - Depending on your situation, your system could pay for itself in 8 to 12 years!

Comprehensive systems, including wind generators, can be designed to meet your energy needs.  These systems can either be stand-alone or grid connected.   Grid connected systems can also be designed with backup sources, (battery, standby generator, etc.) to ensure you will have power to your home and/or critical systems whenever you need it.

A comprehensive system including Solar Power, Wind Turbine, Battery Back Up and a Standby Generator will guarantee that you will always have power.
A direct lightening strike could still cause a catastrophic failure. We also install Lightning/Surge Suppression Systems that will greatly reduce this potential hazard.

Contact us and we will design and install a system for you that meet all state and local codes. 

What we do:

We evaluate your needs and size a standby generators to fit your needs. Working with a system designer we install the solar and wind system that meets your needs.

 Customize a maintenance schedule for you needs

 Install the standby generator, solar or wind system with an automatic transfer switch for hands off operation.  This also guarantees safety for line crews, preventing any feed back to the grid.

Installations completed by Cedar Hills Electric Inc.

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